Remembering those who fought in the Great War.

John Sweeney(RND)

Plater, born 16/7/1886. Son of Mr & Mrs W Sweeney, 1 West Stewart Street

Enlisted 13/4/1904; Anson Bn A/15 22?/14-4/6/15 Dardanelles Wounded right knee. Invalided to UK 21/6/15; Draft for BEF(Stokes Gunner) 11/7/16, joined Anson Bn 26/1116-25-4-17 GSW shoulder, rejoined Anson Bn 28/6/17-12/3/18, as Stokes gunner rejoined Anson.

Died in 1919 at Ralston Military Hospital

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John Sweeney(RND)