Remembering those who fought in the Great War.

John MacKenzie(RFC)

23 year old Teacher. Attended Greenock Academy. Was a student of Arts and Science, 1907-10 at Edinburgh Univeristy. 

Officer Training Corp. Artillery, Jan. 1911 to June 1914. Cadet. 6th Cameron Highlanders, Private Nov. 1914. Moved to 4th Scottish Rifles as 2nd Lieutenent January 1916. Transferred to Royal Flying Corp, July 1916. Missing, presumed killed in action, December 1917. 

The John Mackenzie mentioned on the ICRC Inquiry card was the pilot. B5778 was the registration of the aircraft they were flying, an Armstrong Whitworth FK8. They are shown as 'missing on a contact patrol, Villers-Guislan'. A contact patrol,I believe, was one that tried to identify the front line of troops during a battle when ground communications were often disrupted

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John MacKenzie(RFC)