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David Haldane Smith

Yesterday morning Mrs Smith, 43 Ardgowan St received official intimation that her gallant husband Corporal David H Smith, of the KOSB, had been killed in action. His photo is before us as we write, and a finer specimen of a Highlander never donned uniform in defense of King and country. Before the war he was a riveter in Messrs Russell & Co's Kingston yard. He was a Reservist and rejoined the colours a few weeks before the outbreak of hostilities. he was in the fighting line from the beginning and fell mortally wounded on the field of battle on Sunday 1st November. he was an active member of the Boilermakers Society and a faithful member of the Rechabites. He was a native of the old Port and a member of Newark Parish Church. Three days before he died he wrote his last letter home. That was on the 28th October. How pathetic it all is. The letter proceeds:

"My dear wife. Just a few lines to let you know that I am well, hoping this letter will find you all the same. I thank God for all His kindness to us.. How are Hughie and little Aggie doing? We are having a rough time of it and it is getting cold out here. i send my love to our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and I pray to God every night to keep you in his safe keeping" The hearts of the whole community will go out in deepest sympathy for the bereaved widow and her little orphaned boy, six years of age.

Born Port Glasgow. Husband of Agnes Renfrew, 43 Ardgowan St., Port Glasgow. His story has been told on YouTube - here 

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David Haldane Smith