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Archibald Bellairs Higgon

Had previously been adjutant with the Highland Howitzers up until the outbreak of war. He was attached to the Australian Division at Gallipoli. 'Informant states that on Sept. 10th at 6 am a sniper shot Major Higgon and blew his brains out. They buried him marking his grave with a cross at No 2 Outpost. He was looking at a map in the first line trench observation station with 2 other officers.

Information on his memorial in Alyth HERE

His brother John Arthur Higgon was in the Pembroke Yeomanry and served in Egypt. He was killed 20/7/1916

Son of Captain and Mrs JDG Higgon, of Scolton, Trefffgarne, Pembrokeshire. 

Major Archibald Bellairs Higgon was born on 19 April 1880. He was the son of John Donald George Higgon. He married Isobel Denroche-Smith, daughter of Thomas Denroche-Smith, on 11 September 1913.

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Archibald Bellairs Higgon